happy hour!

What is Happy Hour you say?

Well it's just a little thing to pass the time in between the previous round and the next round! Basically it's your ticket to tackling on the prompts we have left over from the fest.

If you've run out of time during the fest and would like to continue the draft you have leftover, this is your time! Or, if you were too busy to take on the prompt during the round, but have time now, this is your time!

Think of it like the quiet evening back at your place after a good time at the bar. What better way to spend it than with more Chanyeol and Suho?

Shall we get started?

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merci de toutes vos bontés

Let me start off by saying thank you.

The you is important because this fest would not have been a success if it wasn't for you, the talented writers and avid readers.

It's because of your hard work and dedication that we are now blessed with such a great addition of suyeol, chanho, chanjun, junyeol, chanmyun fics for the ficdom. We now have plenty of beautiful fics under this ship's name.

When I first started this fest a few months back, it was because I noticed how there was a shortage of fics that revolved around this lovely couple, and I want to say I'm happy that this has picked up, because what was once a tiny lifeboat is now a majestic battleship.

A battleship that fights with lightsabers and trades anime figurines on their off time.

I've learned a lot about running a fest and I can safely say that I've definitely grown during my time hosting here. It was a valuable experience and I wouldn't have had it any other way.

I hope everyone's time here was as comfortable as it could've been, and that they've enjoyed contributing to this adorable ship!

Ablueblazer started out as a small dream, and thankfully became a lovely reality. But what's to say it stops here? Why not let it grow into an even grander reality? As long as we can keep this ship alive, there's nothing we can't accomplish!

We were granted 187 prompts for this round, and 24 of those prompts have been written. That's more than what I ever hoped for, and I am truly thankful for everyone's participation. I can't thank everyone enough for pulling through to the end.

A special shout out goes to robotkeychain and bluedreaming for writing two fics each! Please, a round of applause for these two!

Without further ado, let's get to the real reason you've visited this post. We will only be revealing the writers in this post. We won't reveal the prompters since we'll leave it up to their choice if they want to reveal themselves or not.

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tl:dr you guys rock! thank you for everything xoxo you can crosspost your fics now! go go go go post post post! share the fics and keep spreading the love!

feel free to post below with your thanks for the writers and to share your contacts! because what better way to end a fest with more friends?

twitter, tumblr, a03, exchange and share!

and for a second round, it's definitely going to happen! we'll meet you in the second half of the year, and we hope to warm up your winters with more fics!

a personal shout out here to cairistiona and bluedreaming for holding my hand during this entire process. i would not have survived this without your encouragement and wisdom. thank you!

another shout out to kindjun, for her support and amazing artwork! please check out her work if you are a big fan of this ship!

and another shout out to suyeolfics for advertising our fics on tumblr! you've been with us since day 1 and the support has been amazing! thank you!

a big thank you to suho and chanyeol because these two have given me such happy feelings these past few months, and i hope they continue to grow.

and finally, one last thank you to all because i am truly grateful to everyone involved with this fest!

lots of love, mod k aka. skyroll

guess who: round 1

Ready to play a guessing game?

We have 24 fics submitted into this round (applause for such a great turnout!) and we have 22 writers who've all worked very hard for this fest! Please comment below with your guesses if you'd like. The reveals post will be posted very soon and we will be able to properly celebrate!

Keep in mind, a few writers have written more than one fic!

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(Riding the) Waves of Love
Title: (Riding the) Waves of Love
Rating: PG
Length: 6370 words
Summary: Riding the Waves is Joonmyun’s favourite fanfic. One day it stops being updated, apparently for good. Joonmyun can’t cope with that, so he sends one PM that changes everything.
Notes: This wasn’t quite what I’d intended on writing when I took this prompt (I imagined a lot more fic-within-a-fic, whoops…) but I hope you like it anyway! <3

“Do you want to come with me, on an adventure?”Collapse )

To Our Sweet Escape
Title: To Our Sweet Escape
Rating: NC-17
Length: 4050 words
Summary: Sometimes Junmyeon wants to run away. Chanyeol is Junmyeon's break from reality.
Warning/s: pwp, barebacking, cumming in mouth, creampie, snowballing
Notes: This is literally 4k of pointless smut, and gross smut at that. Seriously, like it's so gross and filthy I don't even know what happened. Please keep the warnings in mind and do not take them lightly (snowballing is passing cum back into the person's mouth). I hope the original prompter enjoys! I took the prompt and sort of ran with it into a collection of porn, sorry! ><

I want to get away.Collapse )

Fade Into You
Title: Fade Into You
Rating: PG-13
Word Count: 3.9k
Summary: "What do you want, Chanyeol?" That's a good question Chanyeol has no concrete answer to. He hasn't reached home yet. Or peace. He is his sister's ambitions she wasn't able to take to grave with her.
Warning/s: character death, attempted suicide (this is not a sad story)

Yura dies at age twenty-four.Collapse )

you're my biggest mistake
Title: you’re my biggest mistake
Rating: NC-17
Word Count: 4836
Summary: Joonmyun doesn’t need a mate (… well, maybe he does)
Warning/s: a/b/o, wolf!au, self-lubrication, knotting

He’d told Joonmyun, with a wink, that if he still didn’t have a mate by tomorrow, he should meet the alpha in the same spot.Collapse )

In My Heart (It's Only You)
Title: In My Heart (It’s Only You)
Rating: PG
Word Count: 6.3K
Summary: If it’s this easy to fall in love, then it should be easier to fall out of love.
Warnings: extreme cheesiness 

If it’s this easy to fall in love, then it should be easier to fall out of love.Collapse )

Title: Forgettable
Rating: PG-13
Word count: 3,361
Summary: Junmyeon desperately wants to be remembered, just this once.
Warnings: mentions of infidelity
Notes: Thank you to the prompter, I fell in love with your prompt. I’m not the best writer but I hope I did it justice! Huge thanks to my last minute beta, and my beautiful C. who’s always there to hold my hand <3

Junmyeon was late, and let’s say that it was an overall rare occurrence.Collapse )

Liar, Liar [2/2]
Whatever helps you sleep at night.Collapse )


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